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Produced by Xander Gibb for Madrigal Media.

Jeff had previously made frequent appearances on media mogul Xander Gibb’s weekly Friday night show Xandermonium Radio, both as an interviewee and guest presenter. But from 19th January 2016, Jeff began as Xander’s co-host on a new weekly radio show every Tuesday night. From 25th April, Jeff also began co-hosting Monday nights.

Light-hearted but full of gossip, news and reviews with regular guests, XRAD’s Daily shows broadcast from Blog Talk Radio out of New York. Jeff was also one of the show’s script writers and researchers.

Jeff’s first season with Xrad ran for forty-seven episodes until Monday 1st August 2016.

Jeff and Xander’s interview guests included: Damian Pelliccione, Sugar Rush, Paul Burston, Thomas S Schmitz, Soozi Chameleone, Christopher R Williams, Wade Fransson, Lenard Pink, Joshua Takacs, Oliver Yellop, Charlie Hides, Lindy Davies, Kate Coe, Todd Schultz, Lee Freeman, Anthony Crowley, Jason Prince, Jake Hawkey, Nicki French, Jason Reid, Philly Jesus, Bill Phillips, Stephen Brunton, Liam Regan, Margaret Cho, Claire Sloane, Betty Bobbitt, Gsus Lopez, Stephen Seymour, Tim Arnold, Barbie Wilde, Russell Edwards, Ros Gentle, Salem Kapsaski, Andrew Robley, Scarlet West, Kelly Wilde, Alan Bugg, Sheila Simmonds, Ola Hawatmeh and Jason Armstrong.