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2001 - 2016


Created, written and produced by Jeff Kristian.

The Jeff Kristian Show was a light-hearted, comedy song and dance sing-a-long event designed with audience participation in mind. It was performed across the UK and Europe, including corporate shows for the likes of Estee Lauder and on television for three seasons of Channel 5’s Big Brother’s Bit On The Side. 2012, Jeff also performed for cast and crew at the BBBOTS season wrap party.

Jeff performed the show at Molly Moggs Theatre Bar in Soho, London for over fifteen years until 3rd November 2016, with nearly two thousand performances. It has recently been quoted as the longest concurrently running drag show in Soho’s history.

In 2010, television producer Romy Sancto-Alford made a short film called Molly Moggs, about the staff and customers of the venue, which featured Jeff and his show. In 2011, Jeff hosted the main stage for London Pride at Trafalgar Square with Bucks Fizz. He also hosted the main stage at Birmingham Pride 2013, with Rylan Clark and JLS. In 2014, Jeff appeared on a TV panel for a new quiz show treatment called Out Of The Question. Hosted by Laura Hamilton, it was never broadcast.

In 2009 Jeff was intverviewed for QX Magazine in a feature called Good Kristian Music, about his show and experiences of songwriting for acts Chiara Siracusa and  Next Of Kin for Eurovision. The same year, he appeared as a photographic model for Daniel Lilley in fashion and lifestyle magazine Positive. 2010, he was interviewed for QX again with cabaret artist Tiffaney Wells in a feature called Double Trouble. He appeared again in 2012 for an interview in PinkWire Magazine, 2013 in GAT Magazine and on the front cover of Boyz Magazine in a feature about Molly Moggs.




Molly Moggs - 2010